The Bear Dog Guy

Conveniently located close to the Town of Slave Lake, in northern Alberta, The Bear Dog Guy can respond to most bear or cougar related concerns within 24 hours.

When it comes to problem wildlife, we are the specialists.

Bear Shepherding (view)

We can take care of your problem wildlife, without the need to trap, relocate or destroy any bears.

Using our knowledge, skill and highly trained bear dogs, we can alter the habits of the offending animals, giving you and your workforce a safe place to do business.

Reports will be issued to our site contact person within 48hrs.

Work site assessment (view)

While patrolling your camp and work area, we will identify any problem areas or obvious bear attractants, advising you on options, availability and implementation of safer work practices and products to heighten safety and security from visiting wildlife.

Reports will be issued to our site contact person within 48hrs.

Training (view)

We offer initial and annual recertification training in:

  • Bear awareness
  • ATV handling
  • UTV handling

All participants will be certified to Alberta Safety Council standards.

Allow us to help your staff work in a challenging environment, while keeping them as safe as possible.

If you need to discuss any matter at this time just call me on 780 805 2041

If I can’t pick up leave a message and I will get back to you very quickly.

You can also use the contact form on this site if it is more convenient to you.