Bear L13

Called to camp, they have a bear inside the fence and want him out.

I’m only going for the day, so just pick up two collars and load up Jack and Larry.

A three hour drive and I’m at the camp, we pulled the power to the fence and drive 300m to where the bear has been seen. A quick bump and the bear will be out, power back on and I’m home for the kids…………….

Cast dogs into the start of a long narrow stretch of black pine and poplar. Approximately 500m long and no more than 50m wide, the bear can’t hold up in this for long. As soon as the dogs go in, the bear pops out, 100m ahead and running in the right direction, a little two year old, this is going to be easy money!

Dogs work him North, bear heads to where he slipped thru the wire. The security guard watches the bear approach the wire twice but wants no part in going thru, likely remembers the jolt he got coming thru the first time. Obviously no one thought to tell the bear that the power was off………

Meanwhile I see that my dogs have got to the fence and call them in, oblivious to the fact that Mr. Bear hadn’t gone thru.

I’m heading for the truck, counting my money and thinking how easy this gig is!
On hearing that we still have a bear inside the wire, I take the dogs to the point of loss / call back, and we hit his scent immediately. We run him all the way south to the end of the cover and have him treed 30 ft up a pine tree.

So far its took us 40 minutes to get that beat 100m closer to the camp! But hey, he’s treed and we will bump him thru the wire as soon as he comes down.

A quick lunch in camp and back at em.

The bear had come down, but trailing him in such a small place full of fresh scent wasn’t going to be easy. So little by little we walked the narrow but densely bush area, when Larry started baying at a pile of roots, not 3ft from him and I. It was too dark to make anything out, and while I was peering into the root/blow down tangled mess, here comes Jack, and just piles right into the bear that had been laying there!

Holy! Talk about getting your blood running, Jack sounds like he intends to kill that bear and the bear appears to be in total disagreement with Jacks plan.

What a scrap and its happening at my feet! It ends up with the bear grabbing Jack by the face and shaking him out like a bulldog, then in way less time than it takes to tell, the bear trees in the very tree he is under………..this lasts for a minute or so and the tree breaks, putting a pissed of bear and two fired up dogs together again!

After what seemed like an eternity (a minute or so, lol) the bay up is over and the bear heads up a bigger tree………..This was to be the story for the rest of the day…………… maybe eight trees…………dogs fought him on the ground twice………treeing every 30 /40 meters. This bear did not want to leave his little patch of bush.

We eventually got him treed beside the fence (now taken down so that there was no visual deterrent to him leaving) eight hours later.

We are (me, the dogs and the bear) all exhausted and ready to call it a day. I have three hours to drive home yet, so I call it a draw.

I explain to the camp manager, how the bear will leave the area once he has the opportunity, and they can reinstall the fence in the morning………………..

We drove home, Larry and Jack on the back seat of my truck. They didn’t move a muscle for the three hour ride………..half way home I started to realise that for the first time running bears felt like work.

But what a way to make a dollar!

I think I drove the next hour and a half with a smile on my face. Lol.

Ps. I received a call the next day informing me that the bear had indeed left the area…….. (Thankfully he stuck with the plan! Lol)

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