Bear Shepherding

Using a highly trained team of Airedale Terriers and Walker Hounds, bears can be safely moved on, away from camp and work site locations, without the need to trap, relocate or harm the offending bear.

Bear shepherding, is without doubt the most humane, natural and least invasive method of bear management.

Using the bear’s natural fear of wolves, our highly trained team of canine assistants, bark, chase and direct the bear or bears away from work site or camp locations, allowing industry to operate, while teaching bears to stay away from these areas.

After a brief chase, the dogs are called back, allowing the bear to carry on heading away from the dangerous “wolves” looking for safety in another area,while still remaining on home territory, which, after all, is where they belong.

We believe our methods of training people and bears, to live and work in the same environment, is the only way forward for industry, and will ensure the safety of your workforce, while having minimum impact on the bear population.

A win / win situation for all concerned!

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