Eleven bears shepherded

These blogs announce any recent events in the kennel, and keep customers and readers interested  and up to date on the life and times of the bear dogs. Hope you enjoy!

June 2014

Lots happening this month! First of all I would like to announce the arrival of “Nipper” to the bear dog pack. Nipper is the daughter of Jack x Belle.

After a rigorous selection process, Nipper rose above her siblings, to carry on the job of bear shepherding into the future.I am sure there will be many tales to tell about Nipper in the future. Bear work has started! A recent call from one of our customers, turned into a three day call out.

Thirty two bear in total were seen, eleven bear were shepherded!

Eleven bear that no longer believe it is a good idea to live close to human habitat!

Eleven bear that were relocated within their own territory, that don’t have the fear of being trapped and released into a strange and hostile environment.

Eleven bear that are no longer being habituated to human scent and sound.

My hat is off to the companies that are willing to be caring guardians of our wild life, but most of all to the dogs, Belle, Lexi, Jack and Larry that risk life and limb to shepherd these bears into a safer more acceptable area, that allows the bears to live peacefully and man to work safely within the same environment.

I’m looking forward to many more successful events this season.

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