Typical Call Out

Typically a Safety Officer or Site Manager will make contact regarding the presence of a problem bear or bears in their camp or work site location.

Usually, we can be on site within 24 hours. This of course means less down time and less safety concerns for your staff.

If this is our first visit to you camp, I highly recommend a Camp / Worksite Inspection report. This will identify and enable us to correct any obvious problem areas or attractants. Making for a safer work place and less ongoing bear problems.

Because of distances to and from most remote work areas, a typical call out will be over three days. This allows us to identify problem areas and work with any habituated bears, which may need more than one “Shepherding experience” to enforce the idea of self-relocation.

Patrols will begin. A Safety Officer or designate often accompanies us, but must follow our directions at all times, safety is paramount!

Bear shepherding takes place from first light until early evening, we will be patrolling your site all day.

We also respond to any bear sightings from your staff and through the use of our highly trained dogs, have the ability to identify if there are bears in the immediate area of your work or camp site, whether they have been seen or not!

Unless we are requested to stay, a typical call out ends on the afternoon of the third day.
Shortly thereafter, your designated contact person will receive a detailed written report of our patrols, number of bear sightings, shepherding occurrences and any recommendations etc.

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